VIYM’s strategy is based on a rigorous investment process. Our investors typically seek exposure to a balanced risk/return profile between the established European markets and fast-growing emerging opportunities of the FSU economies.


We enhance the performance of the company through:

  • Bringing the best management practices to the company's business;
  • Active, professional and committed BoD participation;
  • Assistance and support in the development of the company's management and financial reporting structures;
  • Support in the development of project-orientated remuneration and motivation schemes for the company's management and key personnel;
  • Implementation of internationally acceptable internal controls and financial reporting systems;
  • Assistance in establishing business connections with other cluster members and other local and international companies.

We identify fast-growing companies with strong and progressive management teams to activate their market leadership potential and generate competitive long-term returns on the capital invested.

Our investors are not looking for any long-term strategic positions in any given company or industry. We are therefore looking for a solid divestment strategy within a 3-7 year period. Our exit strategy of choice is sale to a long-term orientated investor. Initial public offerings are however also a viable option.

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